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Why Ron Greve started the Creative Chef Collection

In this video Ron Greve tells how he came to the idea to make a unique collection of books.



My name is Ron Greve and I am the Founder, creative director, and photographer of the Creative Chef Collection.

I have Worked with quite a few creative chefs and photographed for quite a few cookbooks in the last 15 years.

And in 2017 I started to work on the idea for a collection of books.

The Creative Chef Collection will be a series of portraits about master chefs.

Each volume will explore the personality of one particular chef through his origins, identity and philosophy;

it will also reveal how drive, creativity and inspiration unite to form a unique culinary signature.

I would like to tell you something about the idea behind this collection of unusual cookbooks.

When Netflix started their Chef’s Table sequences I kind of liked the way they filmed it and that they showed more about the story behind this chef. It was more than some kind of cooking class about how the chef prepared a certain dish. But each sequence only wanted me to know more about these chefs. I still missed something. When I spoke to a view chefs in my network, they told me for them the series didn’t go deep enough. They wanted to know more about the creative mindset and inspirations from the chefs.

Ever since I studied art I read many art books about painters, sculptors, designers, you name it. These books tell you a lot about the path those artists are or were wandering. Detailed information about their background, their vision, techniques they use and their inspirations. They inspired me and they widenend my view and in moments of doubt they sometimes helped me to make the next step. My own art-work was influenced by the stories about the artists! There are never recipes how to make the art pieces the artist made in these books, the books are all about the creative process. The books were and are a big part of my own creative process.

Cookbooks in general are only concerned with results, with instructions for dishes that are the sum of the chef’s experience and creativity. The books often start with a little bit of background in pages completely filled with text. But, if I already read those pages, it feels like dry stuff and that there is so much more to tell in visuals, combined with a good story.

I worked for over ten years with Jonnie Boer 3 Michelin star chef at the Librije in The Netherlands. Working close to him and with chefs like him made me realize that they work in a similar way like artists.

Although most chefs see them self as artisans, for me they are the artists of a new art-form. The kitchen is their studio and the restaurant is their gallery. In all the interviews Jonnie gave he told a lot about how the Librije started and why he choose for cooking with local products. Where he finds them and how memories of his youth are effecting the way he cooks. I was always hanging on his lips.

In the book ’THUIS’ we gave more inside in how Jonnie cooks at home. This book was not only about the recipes, but is also a story about how Jonnie and Therese like to be around friends and family and why they like some dishes so much.

but the book set the tone for the form of the Creative Chef Collection.

Creativity is putting everything you know or experienced in a bucket. Mix it till it falls apart and then picking out things you can need to create something new.

Mix Netflix, artist books and the books I made so far together and the ingredients are there to create a collection of books about master chefs, artists of a new art form.

A format was created where Writer Joost Scholten can tell a complete story about one single chef and I can visualize the passion and energie in and around him in 256 pages with a design that makes it a pleasure to read. A documentary style cookbook which you can read like a novel.

Like one of our early adapters said; “The first Cookbook I read from cover to back.”

Gault Millau called it a coffee table cookbook which is hard to put away ones you start reading. And after you have read it, you want to go trough the pictures over and over again. And when you really want to try to cook one of the recipes, you don’t have to bring it to the kitchen with a chance it will get dirty. You just scan the QR code and the recipes are on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Big compliments that gives us enough energie to work on the next volume. But you can see for yourself by ordering a book. The reviews promise you, you will not be disappointed.

So we hope to see your name on our list of buyers and wish you a lot of inspiration and creative moments.

Thank you for watching and please share this video.



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