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Vuurzee A beer for culinary lovers



Our partner De Goede en de Stoute made a wonderful video to promote their beer. We proudly share it with you because we like the beer very much! It is a very exclusive beer special brewed for the gastronomy. You have to become a member or visit one of the restaurants that serve the beer to be able to experience this special treat.

The makers of Vuurzee (Sea of Fire) were not initially part of the beer brewing world. Eating often in fine dining restaurants, they did wonder, however, if it might be possible to pair dishes with something that wasn’t wine. They decided to develop a highly individual type of beer, and began experimenting not only with champagne yeasts but also with the addition of Pinot Noir grapes. One and a half years later, they had developed the perfect recipe and method for a unique beverage. Vuurzee gets its extremely pleasant soft mousse and slight mineral and lactic finish from Champagne yeast from Reims, the heart of the French Champagne region. Hand-picked Pinot Noir grapes give Vuurzee the slightly fruity character that is the perfect balance to beer’s characteristic bitterness.



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