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The right way to kill a fish

We already thought there would be a better way to kill a fish than to simply let it suffocate.

But what sounds kind of logical, but we didn't think of, you also can keep the fish longer and even let it age. That must sound interesting to some of you chefs.


Fish!! If we think about the big trawler ships that are emptying our seas, it makes us shiver. But fish can be so tasty. And it can be caught in such more better ways. We all know about that by now we think. We even posted an article about which fish we should eat and which ones better not.

But this video was send to us by one of our readers and we wanted to share this with you immediately. Did we western people ever think about, that the way the fish are killed after catching might not be the best way. We even never thought about how they are actually killed. They are just dead when we see them on the market.

So to gain some awareness we would like to share this video with you.

Be inspired!!


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