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The four fish we're overeating -- and what to eat instead

Paul Greenberg researches and writes about fish, aquaculture and the future of the ocean.

The way we fish for popular seafood such as salmon, tuna and shrimp is threatening to ruin our oceans. Paul Greenberg explores the sheer size and irrationality of the seafood economy, and suggests a few specific ways we can change it, to benefit both the natural world and the people who depend on fishing for their livelihoods.


We are not afraid of some critical notes. But we also think that if you think something should change, you should not only complain, but you also should come up with a solution. Paul Greenberg thinks something should change about the way we fish and he has a reason for it. But he also comes with a solution we agree on.

Because isn't it weird that we feed the animals we eat with the animals we eat...???!!!??? You probably think so too, but the thing is we don't realize that is what is happening. Or we even don't know at all. How should we? The industry doesn't want us to know.

We would like to be a platform that creates awareness. We try to do so by publishing books about chefs that work with a vision. But also by posting these kind of TED talks. A TED talk only takes about 15 min from your time, but plants a knowledge from which you can feed your creativity. So you can make a difference.


De Goede en De Stoute is proud sustainable brand partner of the Creative Chef Collection

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