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Snøhetta unveils Burnside, an art & culinary space in tokyo

Snøhetta has completed Burnside, a chef-driven casual café and eatery by day and a bar and lounge by night in Tokyo.


I worked with a dance company in the past. NDT Nederlands Dans Theater (Dutch Dance Theater) is for me the best in contemporary dance company in the world. With one of the best photographers who makes the commercial pictures for them Rahi Rezvani. And that pictures the complexity of dance. It has so many layers. I was and am still always impressed by how stagedesign, choreography, light design, music, atmosphere of a theater, passion and emotions can come together in the ballets of this company.

When it comes to culinary experiences it is for me almost the same. A good dish is so much more then just a few ingredients mixed in the perfect balance and cooked with the best craftsmanship. It is the combination of it all. The vibe between the staff, the design of the restaurant, the light, the music, the tableware, the dishes, the tastes and the service.

Sometimes it is just about feeling at home. In a comfortable place, where your senses are triggered but in a way that you can fully enjoy your dish. Gallery by Chele is such a place for me. You enter an office building, which creates a bit of confusion when you visit the first time. But it is perfect! It only creates a bigger feeling of a surprise when you enter the restaurant. A warm bath, beautiful designed with a focus on art.

The surprise technique has been fully applied to the entrance of Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet.

Nobody knows where the restaurant is exactly situated. On some industrial area in Shanghai. That is all!! But when you enter the one table 10 seats restaurant part, you enter a totally different world. And this world will keep on changing during your diner. Paul is for me an artist pur sang. He touches all the layers of a culinary experience like a choreographer does with his dance compositions.

So the design of a restaurant is very important! I hope this article on the Designboom website will inspire you. The typical Japanese design is impressive. Black But it still feels warm somehow. Maybe you dream about your own restaurant one day. Maybe you are looking for another concept. Maybe you just like to 'shop' around because you know everything you take with you can influence your creative proces!

Let the article be food for thought!


De Goede en De Stoute is a proud partner of the Creative Chef Collection

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