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Saltyseattle Makes Mesmerizing Pasta Art

Pasta artist Linda Miller Nicholson (also known as @saltyseattle on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) is a pasta chef in Seattle who uses natural ingredients to create pasta art in every color of the rainbow. Using it as an artistic medium, she recreates images like Baby Yoda, Ellen, and the greats of the art world including Vermeer (Girl With a Pearl Earring), Van Gogh (Starry Night), and Munch (The Scream) in pasta art.


Probably a lot of the traditional Italian chefs will puke while watching this 60 second doc .

But though we think that some traditions are good and should stay, we also welcome ideas that look a bit extreem in the beginning but with in the right setting

and the right knowledge could become something great. Let's be honest, if you already learned that squid ink fit's perfectly in a pasta why not experiment with blueberries?!?

To be honest we find the pastas Linda creates a bit cheesy, but we for sure like the idea behind it!

Enjoy your experimenting hours!


De Goede en De Stoute is a proud partner of the Creative Chef Collection

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