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Michelin Stars The Madness of Perfection

A BBC documentary from 2010 with British food writer and restaurant critic William Sitwell


In our research to chefs that catch our interest, we sometimes come along publications that we would like to share with you. As The Creative Chef Collection we don't want to be only a collection of books we try to sell. Our philosophy is all about sharing knowledge so the hospitality industrie can grow in his quality and becomes a more sustainable industry and an example of how we can more consciously choose our products for our food at home.


The BBC with their sublime documentaries is for me an example why I think public broadcasting should exist. A documentary should also be critical sometimes. And the public broadcasters are for many reasons better in it. But it should also leave you with your own choice of an opinion.

In this documentary William has a critical view on the Michelin Stars and how the chefs react on it. I also don't understand the reasons why a certain restaurant gets a star and why the other doesn't. And why is it so important for a chef. The documentary doesn't give you an answer but leaves you the space to create your own opinion.

William is allowed to offer his help at a 2 michelin star restaurant and he asks himself the question; what am I doing in the end? I was just preparing food... A perspective statement!

End he also ends with one. And what ever you and I think of the Michelin Stars, the worlds 50 best or the James Beard awards I have to agree with him on that one.


De Goede en De stoute is a proud partner of the Creative Chef Collection.

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