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Meet the Mennonites Behind One of the World's Best Syrups

It won't make you fat...


This short docu reminds me a lot about the visit we had with chef Jeroen Achtien to a farmer and the best Sbrinz maker from Switzerland. At 1900 meter above sea level there lives this man that looks like he just stepped out of a age where man just were able to make fire. He never comes of that mountain, because why should he. He has everything there. His cows, his milk, his butter, his bread and his best raw milk cheese. Not the dead pasteurized milk, which according to the health departments is so healthy, but according to this man, keeps us from producing good bacterials and keeps us from making our biologically immune system stronger. But tasty dynamic raw milk, where in the good bacterials will fight the bad ones as long as you keep it in a good environment. The Sbrinz cheesemaker carries the same passion for his product then the Mennonite from this documentary.

If everything has terroire why syrup shouldn't. If the taste of a good balsamico or a good cheese depends on the way it is produced and which products you use, why shouldn't it with syrup. We would love to visit this syrup maker. I would love to hear a chef talking about the experience he or she had with this man and I wonder what recipe he will be inspired to. And the wonderful pictures his factory must give.

Enjoy the short documentary! And don't forget to order the book and read about the Sbrinz maker.


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