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Interview by by Emma Robertson for "THE TALKS" photo by Erik Olsson



In our research to chefs that catch our interest, we sometimes come along publications that we would like to share with you. As The Creative Chef Collection we don't want to be only a collection of books we try to sell. Our philosophy is all about sharing knowledge so the hospitality industrie can grow in his quality and becomes a more sustainable industry and an example of how we can more consciously choose our products for our food at home.

This time we like to share an interview, that we came along, with Magnus Nilsson. He is known from the many cookbooks he has written and the restaurant he recently closed 'Fäviken'.

"Mr. Nilsson, should all cooking at a professional level be aspirational?", was the first question and it immediately triggered us. Our founder Ron Greve sees chefs like Magnus as artist of a new art form, but many chefs see themselves as craftsmen. Ron thinks that artist are in the beginning also craftsman. If you don't know the boundaries of good craftsmanship, you can never try to cross the lines. You cannot think out of the box because you simply don't know where the walls of the box are. So before you start all of this creativity you have to know your craft. And he agrees with Magnus that a chef that is a very good craftsman and can reproduce a certain recipe over and over again in a high quality is also a very good chef. Creativity is when a recipe describes lemons and you don't have them available and think of something else you could use and what even can make it more interesting.

Another thing we agree on with Magnus is that "sustainability" has become a marketing word. If you want to sell your brand, mention the word "sustainable" and people will like it. Sustainability sells!! Like the other word that starts with an "S".... and like awards sell! So put these two together and you will be assured of a large audience. Magnus Nilsson turned down quite a few of these awards because he thinks that there's so many other places that are less well known but are way ahead in the sense of sustainability.

Well enough said here. Go and read the interesting interview and make up your own opinion about this great artist.


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