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Kyle Bean crafts mouth-watering mixed media meals during lockdown

British designer kyle bean specializes in hand-made models, sets and tactile illustrations. his work is extraordinarily detailed and uses a range of everyday materials and found objects including paper, wood and even eggshells.mixed media meals is his latest ongoing personal project which recreates different meals made out of materials and objects found in his home studio.


So the CCC sees the creative chefs of these days as artists of a new art-form. But what happens if artist, or in this case a designer, is creating something around food.

It seems that 'attention to detail' is quite important when it comes to culinary dishes. Wether they are made of several lamb parts and fresh herbs and a tea leaf or made of everything you have laying around in the house like balloons, straws and cardboard.

Have a look at the 'behind the scenes' of the series of meals Kyle Bean created in this article on the designboom website. Not only this article might inspire you. There is a lot to be inspired by on this website.


Next week we will share another article on Designboom that caught our attention. An incredible designed establishment in Tokyo. A chef-driven casual café and eatery by day and a bar and lounge by night.

Please let us know when you come along something which you think we should share with other culinary professionals or amateurs.


De Goede en De Stoute is a proud partner of the Creative Chef Collection

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