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Koks – The World's Most Remote Dining Destination

A destination restaurant with 2 Michelin stars and chef Poul Andrias Ziska at the helm


Anders Husa & Kaitlin Orr are 2 food travelers that have visited quite a few restaurants on this world and they are both taste hunters for the 50 best. On one of their travels they visited restaurant KOKS and made this short video about it. We want to share it with you because KOKS is not only a perfect example of a destination restaurant we would love to visit, but according to Kaitlin, they serve a beer from fermented fish...

The Faroe Islands have become a popular tourist destination for food and nature lovers alike. The islands are technically owned by Denmark, but the setting is like nowhere else in Scandinavia. The landscape is filled with breathtaking sights such as waterfalls, gorges, mountains, puffins, and lighthouses, and the sea is filled with some of the world’s most delicious fish.

So be careful, you might want to visit the Faroe Islands after watching this video and you have to make some time in your agenda.


Ever heard of a beer from fermented fish?


We not either.

But did you ever heard of a beer with yeast they use in champagne wine

and made with the same grapes?


We did.

Visit De Goede en De Stoute and you will too.

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