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Jeroen Achtien - das «Kochbuch» zum Staunen. (Jeroen Achtien - the “cookbook” to amaze)

Der «verrückte Holländer» hat ein verrücktes Buch geschrieben: tolle Food-Bilder, Produzenten-Besuche.

(The “crazy Dutchman” wrote a crazy book: great food pictures, visits to producers.)


Gault & Millau Swiss wrote a nice review about our book with Jeroen Achtien. It is in German so we did a Google translate for you here. And for the German speaking among you please have a look at their post. It is quiet nice with all the pictures.


COFFEE TABLE BOOK. No, Jeroen Achtien has not written a cookbook. “Jeroen Achtien - Creative Chef Collection” is on the one hand a picture book that was created in collaboration with the photographer and artist Ron Greve. The imposing food photographs dominate the 250-page work. But it is also a culinary biography of the chef, who has been cooking at the “Sens” in the Vitznauerhof since 2018. The book tells of the difficult early days in the neat 4-star hotel on Lake Lucerne. “As an executive boss, I first had to make sure that everything in the hotel ran smoothly. Every day I stood on the full terrace and grilled steaks and fish, ”says Achtien, describing the time. Shifts from 8 in the morning to 1 in the morning put the Dutchman and his relationship at risk - and by then the "Sens" wasn't even open. Achtien describes very personally how the Swiss gastro mentality collided with his own ideas.

ON THE ROAD AROUND THE LAKE. But Achtien is an ambitious guy, always wants to optimize and also manages to establish himself and his kitchen. GaultMillau gave 16 points at the start, today there are 17. A Michelin star was not long in coming. And that despite the unusual conditions. Achtien visits his producers, all of whom he first had to find himself. For connoisseurs of the gastro scene, these are the “usual suspects”. But when Achtien arrived in Switzerland, he couldn't simply fall back on a network, he first had to find out who was offering the best products. The region around Lake Lucerne is productive. Achtien buys at Botti's herb nursery. Toni Odermatt keeps his goats on the other side of the lake. The Uelihof in Ebikon is also not far away. The best way to buy cheese is from Rolf Beeler.

PULPO & CHORIZO. But Achtien's extraordinary cuisine does not rely exclusively on producers from the region. Fish from the North Sea or pineapple and mango are integrated into the dishes as well as fresh goat's cheese from Stans. You can see side by side what Achtien makes of all these products: Dried octopus with black garlic, chorizo, apple and a lemon cream. Or duck liver cream with goat cheese, pumpkin kombucha and kumquat (large picture above). Curry ice cream with peeled celery, passion fruit ponzu and chocolate.

WITH QR CODE TO THE RECIPE. It is a book that you can hardly get enough of. Whoever has had enough of the pictures can dare to cook. Because it doesn't work without recipes. But they are not in the book. The first volume of the “Creative Chef Collection” is clearly a coffee table book - it has no place in the kitchen. If you want to cook Jeroen Achtien's ambitious dishes, it is best to pull out your tablet or smartphone. The recipes can be called up online using the QR code - the codes are enclosed with the book. With two clicks you can roll yourself to the sushi. Or eighth's version of a rösti - with lovage, chicken and pickled onions.


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