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How 60,000 Metric Tons of Salt Are Harvested from One of the World’s Saltiest Lakes — Handmade

At Senegal’s Lake Retba a.k.a. “Pink Lake,” harvesters wade into the waters of one of the world’s saltiest lakes — even saltier than the Dead Sea — to collect 60,000 metric tons of salt per year.


The ingredients a chef uses are the start of everything. So a lot of suppliers are also effected by the lockdowns all over the world. And then we also have the suppliers that supply the suppliers. Like there is this salt harvester.

Yes of course when the people don't eat at a restaurant they have to eat at home. And yes they will use ingredients there too. But it is hard to make them buy from the high quality suppliers. It is just less easy and more expensive then going to the supermarket. And if you are not a star cook at home, what would you even do with those high quality products?!

A short documentary like this should make us more aware of how much work it actually takes to harvest salt for example. Quality is created by effort! And effort is worth paying for! Don't you think?

We believe that if suppliers and harvesters / farmers work together it will increase the quality of the products. Even with salt harvesting. Doing research and sharing each others knowledge, will create a product that fits perfect to the vision and taste of the chef. Experimenting also takes effort. But it will pay-out in the end.

And do we need the supermarkets?? Nowadays you can sell these products, made for and with you on your online shop. And ship it world wide.

For the #1 with Jeroen Achtien we visited a herbal farm and supplier. The farmer wanted to have a short talk after the session about working together. They had to throw away a lot of herbs because the herbs where not that popular or were just growing harder then they could sell and they asked themselves if it was possible to create a herbal line with herbal mixes. With the knowledge of Jeroen and his taste, they saw a lot of possibilities. Jonnie Boer did it before with a spice factory.

So a call out to all the chefs that are sitting at home waiting for there doors to open. Take a long walk and think about your suppliers and if you could do something special with them.


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