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Heston's Journey to the Centre of Food

Join Heston and his long time TV Producer Jay as they explore the amazing world of mushrooms. From the 'Humungous Fungus' to the world's most expensive truffle, trying to eat magic mushrooms to grumpy hunters, this is Heston's journey to the centre of mushrooms.


A podcast worth listening to! Heston Blumenthal is funny and inspiring. Why should you actually not keep your eggs in the fridge. And what are the perfect tomatoes?!? And what about the magic mushrooms. Heston is a walking encyclopedia. And he takes you to a wisdom that you would never aspect you could have or even wanted. So be careful, if you listen to one, you want to listen to more of them and you will get to knows things you might not even want to know, but are so funny to know.

A podcast that is perfect while preparing your mise en place or while you are doing the dishes after that diner party you organized. Comfort food for your thoughts!


De Goede en De Stoute is a proud brand partner of the Creative Chef Collection

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