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Great Reviews!!



When you create something new. When you create something that you believe it is not there yet but it should be. When you take the risk to make it happen. You also would like to know if it is true. You hope that people like it as much as the people that worked on the project. That the readers we want to reach see and understand what we tried to achieve with this book and the collection.

You as the first buyer are our ambassadors! So here are a few of the reviews we would like to share

Robert Helm - Sous chef

I really like the book already. It's so different than others, even different than the storytelling ones. An amazing job with all the diary's, chapters about the suppliers and their stories and the connection to your dishes. Definitely one of the most interesting books I ever have seen.

Ingo Hettig - travelgastronomist

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I went through the book twice now. Respect!

So much effort and details! It's really an amazing piece of culinary impressions

I like it very much!

Ruud Janssen - event design

First cookbook I read cover to cover today. For a very relatable story with due respect for team, context and content. Great work to tell the visual + narrative story, I can almost taste the dishes.

No need to say that we are very happy with these reviews.

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