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Dashi Journey film by Eric Wolfinger


A world-renowned chef in Tokyo travels north and south to the ends of Japan to discover the origins of Dashi, the original source of umami and the invisible foundation of Japanese cuisine. As he immerses himself in the lives of fishermen and food craftsmen, he is moved by the dignity, humor, and generosity of people who themselves are invisible to society.


In our research to chefs that catch our interest, we sometimes come along publications that we would like to share with you. As The Creative Chef Collection we don't want to be only a collection of books we try to sell. Our philosophy is all about sharing knowledge so the hospitality industrie can grow in his quality and becomes a more sustainable industry and an example of how we can more consciously choose our products for our food at home.


Shinobu Namae is the chef-owner of L’Effervescence in Tokyo who was followed by photographer and filmmaker Eric Wolfinger. Maybe it is because Eric started as a chef himself and that is why he is able to make such an intimate movie about the production and the ingredients of the Dashi of chef Namae. Not only makes the movie want you to visit the islands yourself, but it also touches a deep sense of love for the wonderful people that make sure that their products is from the highest quality. The perfect examples of passionated suppliers.

The short film is about 15 minutes long, so it is the perfect length for that small break in between servings. A must see, we think!

Thank you chef Namae and Eric for giving this beautiful present to the world!


Watch the movie here


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