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Article in the Dutch news Paper The Leeuwarder Courant


Jeroen and Ron where interviewed by the Dutch newspaper the Leeuwarder Courant. It is written in Dutch but Google translate does miracles.


The Google translate version

December 17, 2020,

Tasty inspiration

The Frisian chef Jeroen Achtien closes the year with a thick book full of inspiration from the

Swiss Alps. The reader gets a look inside the kitchen of his star restaurant Sens.

Relaxed leaning against a workbench, nibbling on one cracker, while busy working gets around him. It is a image that according to photographer Ron Greve says everything about Jeroen Achtien, the 33-year old Heerenvener who since the beginning of 2018 holds sway over the kitchens of Hotel Vitznauerhof in the Swiss Alps. Greve made the photo for his book in which the Frisian cook the lead role, the first part of The Creative Chef Collection , a series about life and the kitchen of star chefs.

The picture was taken in restaurant Sens, the flagship of Vitznauerhof, for which

Eighteen nine months after the opening, already one Michelin star. “I think it's great how Jeroen always and everywhere knows how to keep the peace. This kitchen is so small and there is so much going on at the same time on those few square meters, then you think: it must explode here every now and then. But just not, '' says the photographer who followed the Frisian cook last September and October closely with his camera.

Achtien and Greve know each other from De Librije in Zwolle. De Heerenvener worked 8.5 years in this three-star restaurant, three of which years as a sous chef and the last two and a half years as a kitchen chef. At the time, the photographer shot the pictures for the books Into the kitchen with Whiskey and Jonnie & Thérèse Thuis , publications where Achtien with its recipes and ideas also made an important share. Now he gets himself on the cover. Rightly so, says Greve. A great honor, says Achtien.

For the book, which appears in English, the duo visited a number of Achtien's suppliers. Stans' goat whisperer for example, where the chef gets his goat cheese.

Greve: “It really was a miracle. Like it were brothers. Two equal energies that standing together on the mountain, with goats around them all the time. You become relaxed yourself''

It also brought them to the cheese farmer in Wiesenberg who supplies the hard cheese Sbrinz for the mini toasties served in Sens as amuse-bouche. With this 'croque Jeroen' it is bread between which a cream of the four years matured

Sbrinz has been replaced by crunchy foam tomato stock and the ketchup is made of fermented beetroot. Certainly none everyday fare.

The Creative Chef Collection is therefore not a standard cookbook. Achtien: ,, It gives one

glimpse into the life of a star chef. What does he do, what does he make and why? The dishes described and photographed, are served in our restaurant and are not easy to copy. There are none written recipes in the book, but QR codes that you can scan ends up to a website with the preparation method of the dishes. ''The idea will be followed, Jeroen thinks. “In my opinion this is the future, recipes with a QR code. A nice cookbook is required no longer getting dirty while cooking, but can stand safely and dry on the shelf, while you're on the phone, laptop or tablet scrolling your recipes. How cool is that? ''The book has become thicker because of corona than planned: 250 pages. Because Greve who lives in Bali, could not return home at the end of September, he stayed in Switzerland for another month longer. Greve: “Quite actually good that I was stuck. So I have another piece autumn. From one to the other day the mountains turned from green to gold, yellow and red jumped. That brought some wonderful pictures. ''

For Greve, eating in a star restaurant is like you are going to a museum. ,,Art is created in those kitchens and that is what we tried to show. Our books are meant to browse through, to enjoy and to inspire. ''

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