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Kimchi taco

  • Kimchi noodles 5 pck


  • Watermelon 2 pcs

Fermented paprika juice

  • Paprika juice 5 l

  • Coriander 1 bunch

  • Onions 5 pcs

  • Garlic 3 gloves

  • Ginger 300 gr

  • Salt 100 gr

Kimchi Gel

  • Fermented paprika juice 1 l

  • Citras 3 gr

  • Ginger ​20 gr

  • Lime leaf ​4 pcs

  • Koriander 40 gr

  • Galangal 20 gr

Kimchi taco

  • Cook the noodles 4 minutes in boiling water

  • Keep the herbs and spices separated

  • Sieve the noodles and put in the thermoblender with the spices (the herbs you don’t use) for 10 minutes until a smooth paste

  • Put between two silicon mats and use a dough roller to make flat like a pasta dough

  • Use a cutting ring to cut out rings and take the leftovers from the silicon mats (this can be used again after rolling out)

  • Dry at 55* with 15% moisture for 1 night.

  • Fry at 180*, and mold in the desired shape while they’re still hot


  • Peel the watermelon and cut into 8 pieces

  • Take all the seeds out and leave it overnight in the freezer

  • Take them out and let them defrost on room temperature

  • Dry them at 80* in the oven till there is 10% moisture left in the watermelon

  • Grill them on the BBQ till they have a nice grilled flavor and appearance 

  • Cut them in to a tartar structure and flavor with salt and smoked olive oil

Fermented paprika juice

  • Cut all the ingredients fine

  • Add everything in a glass jar with a water lock

  • Leave it in a room with a minimal temperature of 20 degrees for 3 weeks

  • Check the PH of the juice it should be between 3 and 4

  • Sieve and ready to use

Kimchi Gel

  • Bring to boil the paprika juice with the citras

  • Add the agar for another 3 minutes

  • Pour on a plateau and cool down

  • When completely cooled down spin in a mixer with the other ingredients

  • Sieve through a fine sieve and ready to use