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A series of portraits of master chefs.

The personality of one particular chef through his origins, identity and philosophy. How drive, creativity and inspiration unite to form a unique culinary signature. 

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Jeroen Achtien

The Creative Chef Collection presents: Jeroen Achtien


Jeroen Achtien is the chef of Sens restaurant in the Swiss town of Vitznau, the creator of a cuisine whose daring originality redefines and enlarges current concepts of gastronomy.


On the shores of the enchanting Vierwaldstättersee, in the shade of mighty Alpine peaks, this sorcerer’s apprentice from the Netherlands reveals why he is one of Europe's greatest up-and-coming culinary talents. He carefully assembles his dishes, each a marvellous balance of superior flavours and innovatory techniques, into menus that are equally original, inspired, elegant and appetising.


This is not a cookbook. It is the culinary diary of a unique talent, an account of his journey to date, and an inventory of the experiences, inspirations and innovations that will come to surprise his guests in future years. This is the Creative Chef Collection.

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Wow! Wow! Wow!

I went through the book twice now. Respect!

So much effort and details! It's really an amazing piece of culinary impressions

I like it very much!

Ingo Hettig


I really like the book already. It's so different then others, even different then the storytelling ones. An amazing job with all the diary's, chapters about the suppliers and their stories and the connection to your dishes. Definitely one of the most interesting books I ever have seen.

Robert Helm

sous chef

Another chefs book, you ask? Yes! But certainly not just another chefs book. This first edition of CCC by our friend and great photographer  @ron_greve is absolutely stunning 📷📷❤️


Ron went to live with Dutch Michelin chef 

@jachtien of @sens_finedining in Switzerland to capture his life and creativity in the kitchen and the sources of his inspiration, the producers of quality ingredients.


Hopefully the first of many books like this 🙏🙏

Joel Broekeart

Restaurant critic NRC | culinary journalist 

  First cookbook I read cover to cover today. For a very relatable story with due respect for team, context and content. Great work to tell the visual + narrative story, I can almost taste the dishes. 

Ruud Janssen

event design

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